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Click the link to see all our available frame designs. choose up to 6 free samples.

Post & packaging :
We hope you understand that whilst our samples are offered free of charge we do ask a nominal fee of £4.50 to cover P & p costs.

When you have made your selection and placed an order from our made to measure service we are happy to refund the P & p charges made for your samples .

Edging Types

Plain Mirror
As the name suggests, a simple plain surface mirror with no decoration.

Beveled Edge
A narrow (25mm) tapered edge smooth ground into the surface of the mirror giving a pleasant decorative effect.

How to measure

There are two basic ways of measuring your mirror.

Mirror Size
This is simply the size of mirrored glass you wish to see.

Overall Size
This is the total size of you framed mirror from outside edge to outside edge including the frame. This may vary with the same size piece of glass, as all frame mouldings are slightly different in size.

If you have a space on the wall you simply want to fill, choose the "Overall Size" option.

Detail View

Width Information

Width Option
This option shows how much frame you will see, when the mirror is hung normally on a wall, and viewed face on.

Whilst every effort is made to maintain exact specifications as shown, manufacturing tolerances may alter the exact width of the frame + or - 5 mm. if you have any questions please call our sales team on 0161 794 7100 before placing any order.

Padding Information

Padding Option
This option gives a visible indication as to how much padding will be used when making your frame.

Whilst every effort is made to maintain visible accuracy, manufacturing tolerances may alter the exact height of the padding + or - 10 mm. However in the case of "Flat" option, this always means no padding at all. if you have any questions please call our sales team on 0161 794 7100 before placing any order.

Stitching Information

Stitching Option
This option gives you the choice of having a stitching thread colour that will either match as close as possible the leather colour chosen e.g. Dark Brown leather and black thread or contrast with it e.g. Black leather and White thread.

In the cases of lighter leather colours, the contrasting choice may simply be very dark thread of the same colour e.g. pale blue leather and Navy Blue thread. If you have any specific thread choices please contact our sales office on 0161 794 7100 before placing an order.

Stitch Style Information

Stitch Style Option
This option allows you will see and choose between a standard stitching style across the corner of the frame diagonally and the more contemporary style of a square style stitch that runs parallel to the short side of the frame.

In the Square Style of stitch the stitching would appear vertical when the mirror is hung normally in a landscape mode. or would appear horizontal if the mirror were to be hung in a portrait mode.

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