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Dance Studio, utilising full wall acrylic safety

Acrylic Safety Mirrors

Do you need a light and safe alternative to glass mirror ?
— Then you’ve come to the right place.
When you have a job where conventional glass mirror maybe unsafe or simply too awkward to use, Acrylic or Synthetic mirror could be just the alternative you’re looking for. Coming as a 3mm or 6mm gauge sheet or as a flexible film, it’s a light and safe alternative to conventional glass mirror. Used for thousands of applications where glass mirror just isn't a safe option.
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Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Like-for-like, Acrylic Safety Mirrors have the similar reflective qualities, but are much lighter, stronger and have far superior impact and shatter-resistance properties than ordinary glass mirrors. Acrylic Safety Mirrors are ideal for use where GLASS mirror may easily break and be unsafe, especially around children, the elderly or the vulnerable.

MirrorWorld’s new Acrylic mirror make excellent bathroom mirrors, not only are they considerably lighter than the equivalent glass mirror making DIY installation so much easier (and safer), but they also have superior anti-misting properties. Ordinary glass mirrors, being much colder to the touch, act as condensation collectors. Acrylic mirrors maintain room temperature and therefore do not act as condensation collectors like glass mirrors; acrylic mirrors can be screwed or glued to a suitable flat surface. However, unlike glass mirrors, acrylic mirrors can be fixed to bathroom tiles, using high-bond adhesive pads.

A major obstacle for many people looking to set-up a small Dance-Studio or Home Gym, is the sourcing and fitting of full height wall mirrors. As well as being expensive, glass mirrors are very heavy, difficult to transport and easy to damage at any stage. Making a Dance Studio or Gym becomes so much easier and cheaper with Mirrorworlds Acrylic Mirrors. Being stronger, lighter and just as good to look at, acrylic safety mirrors mean no more worries of costly breakages and they can be easily fitted by a competent DIY’er. Also see our Mirror film when weight and manoeuvrability is important
Polycarbonate sheet
Where Acrylic mirror is not tough enough, there is an option, Polycarbonate. 30x more impact resistant than glass and fantastic chip resistance. However there are draw backs, Polycarbonate if the most expensive options and can yellow over time in direct sun light.
Mirror Film
Mirrorworlds Mirror film is a lightweight substitute for heavy glass mirror. This metalised plastic laminate is designed to be mounted to a frame and heat shrunk to produce superior optical reflectance. This is great for dance studios, gyms where the frames can be easily lifted and stored between sessions. If fact any application where weight and size are an issue. Not suitable when contact may be made with the surface, as they are NOT a rigid mirror.
Flexi Mirror Sheet
A Fantastic flexible product used anywhere glass can’t. It can be cut and trimmed to any shape and laminated to almost any surface. Whilst the reflective qualities are very good, it’s only as good and the surface it’s put on. This product can’t be compare to the flat reflective properties of glass or Acrylic
Important Notice
Some Important things to remember when choosing our acrylic alternatives. Our Superior range of acrylic glass has a superb clarity. Many would not see the difference between our Acrylic mirror and true mirror glass. However do not purchase this product if absolute true reflections are required. If in doubt request a sample of 3mm and/or 6mm Acrylic BEFORE ordering.

As you would expect, Acrylic mirror does not have the same heat resistant properties as glass, therefore it highly recommended that these product are NOT used close to any direct heat source for example as a kitchen splash back behind a cooker hob.
Pre-Cut Sizes or Made to measure
For your convenience we’ve two easy purchasing options.

Doing just what is says in the tin, our Pre-Cut sizes are the quick and simple method to purchase safety Mirrors. Just choose the size and gauge required then click it into your basket, pay and your done.

Or for those more demanding applications try our free online tool to choose your size, gauge and shape, with the confidence of obtaining an instant quotation before ordering.

Mirrorworld have the solution for all your safety mirror needs.

If you can't see the right product for you, call one of our sales team, they'll be pleased to help.

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